Light Booths
Prism Instruments carries a complete line of lightbooths to meet your requirements. Please contact us to discuss your application.


Datacolor ColorMatcher® Light Booths
Premier critical color inspection systems for all materials.
Two models available to fit your needs: DCMB-2028/DCMB-2540

Datacolor ColorMatcher® light booths deliver the features you need to evaluate and communicate color with absolute confidence. Two standard sizes accommodate nearly any sample. 

Five Light Sources: Artificial Daylight, Store Light (CWF), Home Light (Incandescent), Ultraviolet Light and an optional light source.
Digital & Programmable - Digital control provides "instant on" source selection
Easy-toUse lamp selector with AutoSequence
Units can be combined for increased width
Tracks all light source usage and indicates when to re-lamp
Munsell N5 or N7 gray surround
Optional height-adjustable floor stand

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